Luxury Listing Package

Selling luxury real estate requires an approach that significantly exceeds the traditional realtor's approach of selling homes which typically is listing on MLS and the occasional Sunday open house. The luxury market requires a significant amount of marketing as well as refined presentation. It is this reason that I typically will limit listings to only 10-12 homes per team member.

Our commitment to providing the optimal marketing and advertising strategy with luxury real estate in South Florida starts with a promise to follow the fundamental steps:


Professional Photography

Professional aerial, exterior, and interior photographs and video are taken of the house and important additional elements such as club house, amenities, if applicable


Social Media and Electronic Media Marketing

Professional videos and virtual tours will be added to all social media, including Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Zillow. Our CRM gives us tools to send email flyers and invitations showcasing your property with targeted recipients. We also drive traffic to our website, There, we will showcase your property on it's own dedicated page. Finally, we will put a virtual tour and pictures on MLS as well as promoting the listing through multiple programs throughout the 800+ agents under the Signature Real Estate Companies umbrella.


Direct Mail Campaign

Our direct mail campaign includes postcards and flyers sent locally, in state, out of state, and internationally if strategically appropriate that will bring the best results and exposure for your property.


Print Media

We will typically showcase our listings featuring elegant advertising with magazines such as Florida Homes and Land, Haven and duPont Registry which are distributed in high traffic, high affluent markets.



Brochures are important for luxury homes. The are done in full color and used primarily in direct marketing. We also have the option of using video brochures for ultra high-end properties as well!


More than just the open house

We select some homes for Open House galas, where we invite VIP's, potential buyers, top luxury realtors/brokers, for a catered, DJ'ed, formal event with valet parking. Additionally, we like to host brokers open houses during the week and open houses on a rotating basis every weekend.


Personal Professional Attention

I personally commit to show every buyer your home. This underscores the importance of limiting listings to no more than 12 active listings per agent. It takes more than just opening doors and turning on lights to selling your home. When you hire a professional realtor, make sure that professional is personally committed.